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The ets-5 mutant allele was tm1734. The Promgcy-17::gfp transgene was ynIs64. (D) Lateral views of Promgcy-31::gfp expression in a wild-type animal and an ets-5 mutant. Nine In One — Responsive Multipurpose Joomla 3 Template Nine In One responsive multipurpose theme powered by the fast Warp7 Framework. Download: Figure 2. ETS-5 is expressed by a subset of head neurons, including the chemosensitive BAG neurons.Ventral view of an adult hermaphrodite expressing an ets-5::gfp translational reporter transgene. BAG neurons, which express a Promflp-17::dsRed reporter, are indicated with arrows. Like the deletion, these mutations abrogated expression of the reporter transgene, indicating that this motif is necessary for gcy-9 promoter function.

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