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The coolest addition is Live Broadcast mode, which lets you start streaming live video right from the front or back camera straight to YouTube. Также была возможность стрельбы винтовочными гранатами с помощью искривлённой насадки. Изготовленные кривые насадки для пулемётов MG34 выходили из строя через сотню-другую выстрелов. Here’s a closer look at what’s changed and what’s remained since the Note 4. Design Following the design language of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, the Note 5 ditches the soft-touch rear panel of the Galaxy Note 4 in favor of sleek glass. The heart beat sensor, for instance, is unique for the Galaxy S5, while something like the Finger Scanner can also be observed on the iPhone 5s, but in a rather different implementation.

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