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Several months later, the .45 caliber Colt Model 1902 revolver was produced. It came to be known as the «Philippine» (and later the «Alaskan») model. 2,000 were purchased by the Bureau of Ordinance and shipped to the Philippines, solely for Constabulary use. During their meeting at Winter’s home, Lea attempts to politely decline the offer and leave, but is stopped at the door by the pleas of the older woman. The six-shot Colt .38 DA represented advanced late-19th century firearms technology and replaced the famous Colt .45 «Peacemaker». The principle draw back of the old-yet-reliable Peacemaker revolver was that it was single-action, meaning it had to be cocked by hand or thumb between each shot. The Missus: Angelfield’s aged housekeeper who essentially raises the twins along with John-the-dig. Miss Winter’s example with the burning books focuses Jane Eyre as the «only hope» and the last one to burn.

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