Где делать имплант шаблоны

Изготовление имплантологического шаблона(включая снятие слепков, восковое планирование X-Ray (рентгено-контрастного) шаблона, виртуальное 3D-планирование и изготовление стереолитографического шаблона на 3D-принтере) 25500 pуб. Femur identification This step allows the plugin to later produce a simulated post-op view, with implants in-situ and the hip reduced. The designers of this plugin take no responsibility regarding any treatment choices linked to the use of this plugin. Figure 14. The guide-tube in place with a 2.0-mm diameter surgical twist bur in position, demonstrating how it is extended through the surgical guide-tube template during surgery. The user may move this listing, change its color or size by dragging or double-clicking on the text area.

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