Genesis 2 5 шаблон l

The lazy, unbelieving way is to let the conflict drift and become steadily worse.10 Yet, the Bible is clear; when there is a conflict with a brother or sister we should take the initiative. Sadly, many people will never listen to what any believer says because of what some believers are (see 1 Pet 2:12; Phil 2:14-16). Two Christian ladies had to share the same office. Twice Abram says, “Please” (lit. “I pray you.”). He then appealed to their kinship—“for we are brothers.” Unlike Cain, Abram believed he was his brother’s keeper (cf. 4:9). He diffused any anger or defensiveness that Lot may have had and he refused to argue. From The Tanach Study CenterYosef and his Brothers Menachem Leibtag, in Memory of Rabbi Avraham Leibtag.

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